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About Delivery Center

Thank you for your interest in the Delivery Center. We are the umbrella organisation of Commerzbank's internal service companies that provide business processing inside and outside Germany. Our aim is as simple as it is challenging: to be first choice for sensitive processes.


We pursue a growth strategy that is based on our clients' satisfaction. We believe that client satisfaction is not the product of chance, but the result of operational excellence, industrial production and a global footprint.


The Delivery Center comprises a service group of six ComTS companies, a steering unit in Germany and CERI International in Poland.

All companies have a critical mass and form a group that allows for cross-the-board management of all sourcing activities.

"Technologies, expertise and aspects of corporate culture are transferred as part of the sourcing of services. This means that we are constantly expanding our knowledge of business processes and acquiring key experience. The Delivery Center is a modern, innovative hub for the transfer and processing of sophisticated services."
Aleksandra Wąsik / Head of Finance & Accounting Department / CERI International


Our core service consists of reliable and continually optimised process implementation in a wide range of service groups. Additionally, we offer support and advice for all preceding processes (such as the sourcing process) and thus guarantee structured, risk-optimised implementation.


We have practically 20 years of experience in sourcing and executing back-office processes, covering a wide range of topics to differing extents. They are structured into ten service groups. If you wish further information on each service group, click on the download symbol to access the corresponding detailed profile.



Get an initial impression of our organisation. The films "Delivery Center – more than you think!" and "Delivery Center – next step" were produced for and by our employees in connection with the establishment of the service group.

"Delivery Center – more than you think"

"Delivery Center – next step"


February 2016 | Frankfurt

ISO 9001 – quality obliges

2015 Group Delivery Center has acquired an ISO 9001 certificate for successfully implemented quality management system. ISO 9001 is an internationally acknowledged standard. It confirms our customer focus and continual improvement of our performance aiming at delivering services of the highest quality.  ... more
November 2015 | Białystok

Graduates of the Technical University of Białystok at CERI

CERI and the Technical University of Białystok entered into a cooperation agreement on education and development projects. The agreement was signed by the Chairman of Management Board Miguel-Angel Rodriguez Alvarez and by the Rector of the Technical University of Białystok Prof. Lech Dzienis. The ceremony was held on the 3rd November 2015 at the Technical University.... more
September 2015 | Halle


The Delivery Center continues to grow: On June 1, 2015, the ComTS Finance GmbH started its business operations. The new subsidiary is focused on finance and accounting processes and becomes now the main contact in financial services.... more