How our clients see us: “Only those who ensure a high-quality and efficient processing can be competitive. At ComTS Finance GmbH, we have found a competent and flexible partner that meets our service quality and our requirements.“
Jochen Sutor, PhD / Divisional Board Member / Group Finance / Commerzbank AG


We support our clients from the initial analysis of their processes to sustainable production at the target location. To this end, we employ qualified specialists and experienced project managers, who assist you in all aspects of project sourcing – and much else besides.


  • Assessment of sourcing readiness for processes
  • Support in the interpretation and application of regulatory requirements
  • Sharing of experience in dealing with internal requirements, such as policies, etc.


  • Usage of a procedural model as a tried-and-tested method for structured and risk-optimised transitions
  • Training for project managers
  • Provision of staff for the assessement/documentation of processes


  • Reliable, continually improved process execution
  • Transparent reporting
  • Constant optimisation
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
Satisfied clients and staff guarantee the success of our company. To keep our client satisfaction levels high, we measure and document our service promises and continually aim for operational improvements.
Victoria Coenen / Employee in the Trading Transactions Team / ComTS


We have practically 20 years of experience in sourcing and executing back-office processes, covering a wide range of topics to differing extents. They are structured into eleven service groups. If you wish further information on each service group, click on the download symbol to access the corresponding detailed profile.